Red Photography is an Auckland based portrait studio specialising in family photography. We also do, newborn, couple, child, pets & generation shoots.




Shooting in a white studio means white or pale clothing can result in your family getting lost in the image. We suggest you wear bright or bold colours so you remain the focus. A Red photoshoot can be quite active so dress comfortably. Jeans and a top are always a classic look. All shoots are done barefoot. For location shoots we suggest avoiding any patterns, and co-ordinating works well!



At Red Photography, we encourage you to put your stamp on your images. If you enjoy spending time at the beach together, bring along swimmers, towels, snorkels and goggles. If camping is your passion, your tent, sleeping bags, tramping bags and hiking boots could be a fun addition to your shoot. Travellers are welcome to bring along their passports, luggage, maps and a compass. You are only limited by your imagination and our photographers would be more than happy to discuss with you any ideas that you may have.



Your pets are an important part of your family - we encourage you to bring them along as well! Whether its a dog or a cat, or something more unique such as a collection of snails or a baby lamb, most pets are welcome in our studios.

Hair & Makeup


Our style is very fresh, fun and interactive. We strive to capture the true essence of your family. As such, we don’t offer a hair or makeup stylist for your photoshoot. We encourage you to come as you are normally. Whether that is a fresh faced look, or something a little bit more glamorous, is completely up to you. With the help of our talented photographers, retouchers and state-of-the-art studio lighting will make sure that you look your best!


STEP BY STEP of the ‘red experience’


Photoshoot time is all about your family. We encourage you to have a chat with the family and decide on what to bring along that will best reflect your personality – both together as a family and individually. Don’t worry, our studio is large enough to fit it all. We have had everything from kayaks, fishing rods and camping gear to surfboards, snowboards and bikes. And don't forget to bring the family pets! And if you’re booked in for a location shoot don’t be afraid to bring along the props too! We encourage picnic blankets, balls, umbrellas, etc.

We allow an hour for your photoshoot, so in order to make the most of your time here with us, please make sure that you arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to your appointment so that if anyone needs to get prepared for the photoshoot we have plenty of time to do that in.


Whether on location or in the studio, the fun begins. This is an hour of quality family time with no computers, mobile phones or television. Our fresh approach to family photography encourages your family to interact with one another as we capture spontaneous and natural moments.

Our photographers have experience working with children of all ages and will ensure they create a fun, relaxed environment for the whole family to enjoy.


After your photo shoot, the creative momentum continues behind the scenes. Your photographer spends dedicated time selecting the best images from your shoot, and creating some unique and innovate design ideas to show the true personality of your family.



We want you to be able to enjoy your Design Consultation and feel relaxed and happy with your final design, so please allow an hour for your appointment.

This appointment is where you will go through the BEST images from your photoshoot with one of our photographers. If you’re wanting to purchase anything from your shoot than this appointment is the time to do so.



After your design consultation our production process begins, this process usually takes 3 weeks.

Your images are first sent to our professional retoucher who will complete any specific requests you have as well as doing a general retouch to ensure everybody is looking at their best. Once we have checked over the images we complete yet another quality check before calling you to arrange collection of your USB. If your order is 100% paid, your Online Gallery will be emailed to you straight away.

Collection times are Tuesday to Friday between 9am & 6pm and Saturday & Sunday are by appointment only.